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February 17, 2021
Largest Farm Solar Panel - Australian Utilities

Would you believe Australian electricity prices are now typically more than double the nearby Indonesian rates, a developing country with demanding infrastructure needs!
It’s no wonder the dizzying hikes in electricity rates have so shocked Australian householders and businesses over recent years. And no-one has to be Einstein to figure out what is likely to happen to the electricity rates in Australia over the next decade… unless large-scale solar kick-in.

Most of us watched in awe over the past couple of decades the unfolding revolution of the digital world. Now there’s another massive change happening with equally stunning speed. It’s the Solar Power Revolution!
Yet, many are still to realize just how profound its impact is likely to be on Australian electricity rates.
With the Northern Territory owning some of the best solar resources globally and a local government that aims to source 50 per cent of its power needs from solar in little more than a decade, the Northern Territory sounds like a fantastic place to be in the solar business. With this favourable region and climate, Australia is set to make history by building the world’s largest solar farm in the Northern Territory.

This extraordinary project will transform the Territory into a renewable energy powerhouse and change energy flow with profound benefits to businesses and individuals. The massive NT electricity supply project will cost about $20 billion and offer a construction boon to solar power developers while also changing the face of Australia’s energy industry.
This is the largest solar farm under development, and it will be visible from space with a battery about 300 times larger than the largest battery at the moment. Once operational, the site’s power will be uninterruptedly available, with the solar farm supporting the 30-gigawatt storage facility.

Although the vast majority of the energy generated will travel through an undersea cable that snakes through Indonesia to Singapore, it will have profound implications. As it will be able to provide one-fifth of the island city-state’s electricity needs, replacing its increasingly expensive gas-fired power and also affecting Australia’s electricity rate.

With the puzzle facing many homeowners and business owners in Australia considering a switch to solar while wading through conflicting opinions and a few other options, there are few things you should understand. As Australia’s electricity industry is experiencing a rapid transformation, primarily driven by considerable growth in solar energy generation, businesses and individuals could save thousands of dollars every year by using solar-generated electricity. This transformation is a crucial feature of any potential future. So, if you have not yet looked at switching to solar for your electricity, then you could be missing out on very lucrative cost-savings.

These days, people have a mountain of reasons to shop around for a new energy provider, particularly as market deregulation has given customers the freedom to get up and leave if they’re unsatisfied with their current plan, rates or retailer. This is where Australian Utilities Compare comes in, we are your go-to place for energy comparison (electricity and gas) rates and plans. We give you the opportunity to decide and choose the energy plan that best suits you.

When To Switch

Australia has one of the most expensive electricity markets in the world.
As Australia has access to more than enough solar and wind resources to power the entire country, the solution is to harness the power of renewable energy to create a cheaper, cleaner, more reliable energy supply.
You might be tempted to hold on and see if the price of solar power falls even further, but delaying your purchase may not necessarily make financial sense as electricity rates in Australia are already high and forecast to go higher. Hence, keeping the lights on and the gas flowing; energy will remain an expensive prospect for most households and businesses for the foreseeable future.
So, the right answer to the question; “When you should switch your energy provider?” Is “Now”
Australian Utilities helps you to stay on top of things by analysing and understanding your existing energy requirements, doing a market-scan with our partner energy retailers across various states to obtain winning electricity rates and gas prices. And this service is free to customers with no-obligation quotes.

Why You Should Switch

With electricity prices continuing to skyrocket across Australia, many people are rushing to install solar power to reduce their power bills. The benefits of solar energy to the average Australian are myriad. Particularly when it comes to solar costs and benefits, the key advantage is that it is an INEXPENSIVE form of new electricity generation. Indeed, this is great news for homeowners, businesses and institutions.

Whether you are a large commercial organization, Small to Medium Business (SMB/SME) or residential customer, finding the energy plan and rate that is suitable for you can be very challenging.

With hundreds of products and offers available from a wide variety of electricity and gas suppliers across VIC (VIC), South Australia (SA), New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD) finding an offer that is suitable for you can be very a daunting task.

At Australian Utilities, our team of energy experts are committed to helping you find an energy offer that suits you while making your transition into new your energy plan seamless and hassle-free.

Compare, Switch and Save with Australian Utilities.

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