What is Switching?

As the name might suggest, switching is the act of changing from one energy provider to another – be it gas or electricity. Most states in Australia have introduced retail competition among providers, which now means that it’s never been easier to switch your energy provider and find a product that suits your needs the most.

Switching doesn’t cause any power interruptions nor does it require physical change to your poles or wires when you change electricity companies.

What happens if I change my mind?

Most electricity offers/plans come with a 10 business days cooling off period. If during this period you change your mind you can cancel the switch without any obligation.

Why switch?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to switch your gas or electricity service for your home. For many it’s as simple as wanting to save money on their existing bills, but for others; it’s about streamlining both their gas and electricity payments onto to one account – allowing them to budget easier in the home.

Find out below why so many Australians are changing their energy provider.

Who can switch?

If you live in Victoria, NSW, QLD or SA you have the freedom of being able to choose your gas and electricity supplier.

Will my new retailer charge me to make a switch??

You will not incur a charge to switch to a new retailer, unless you’re moving home. A connection fee will be passed, which will appear on your first bill.

Compare Electricity

In recent years, Australian states and territories have introduced full retail competition, opening up the market to more energy providers (Also called energy retailers). This is good news for many consumers, as they are able to choose their provider and potentially save on their power bills.

How to save Electricity?

Energy Saving Tips

Electricity Providers

Since the introduction of full retail competition to the electricity market, households in most Australian states have the ability to choose their provider, potentially saving hundreds of $$’s on their electricity bills each year.

Do I still receive Government Concessions?

Government Concessions

Concession card holders will be eligible for the same entitlements as outlined by the respective State Governments. The cost and saving figures displayed on the search results page do not make adjustments for energy concessions that may be available to an eligible concession card holder. An eligible concession card holder is entitled to the same concessions, regardless of the energy retailer chosen.

The process for claiming concession if a customer switches or connects to a new retailer through Save on energy is simple. All applications have a provision for entering concession details, which are then passed on to the respective energy retailers on your behalf. For more information regarding concessions please visit the following government’s websites for your respective states:

  • VIC – Dept of Human Services
  • NSW – Dept of Industry
  • QLD – Dept of Community Services
  • SA – Government of South Australia
Can I use Centerpay to make Payments?

Most of our retailers allow Centerpay to make Payments

What is a feed-in tariff and when do I get it?

A feed-in tariff (FiT) is an agreed rate paid for electricity that gets fed back into the electricity grid from an approved source of generating renewable electricity.
For most businesses or Residential homes, a feed-in tariff is what you get paid for electricity you generate from sources such as solar power.

Can I get quarterly bills?

Most of our customers prefer Paying monthly bills but there would be many retailers from our panel that would be glad to offer customers with quarterly bills or Electrcity and issue bills every 2 months for Gas accounts.

I don’t use any Electricity do I still have to pay a daily Supply charge?

Daily supply charge is the cost per day that customers pay for getting the electricity or gas to the premises, irrespective of the energy usage.
The daily supply charge will be different for different energy retail companies.

Am I eligible for a cooling off period?

Customers receive a 10 business days cooling off period which starts from when you receive the welcome pack from your new Energy provider.
You can cancel you energy agreement within the cooling off period and energy companies will sell you energy only after the cooling off period has expired.

What is a Supply Charge?

A supply charge is the charge made to the customer for getting the electricity or gas to the customer’s premises. This is a charge regardless of the amount of electricity used by customers.
Supply charge may also be referred to as Daily supply charge, Service to property charge.

Are there different energy offers for Owners and renters?

Our partner energy retailers don’t differentiate between owners and renters.
Offers are dependent on your meter profile and whether you are a Residential or a Business customer.

Do I continue to receive my government concession?

Any current and eligible Government concessions you are currently receiving can be transferred over you your new Energy provider.

What happens in cases of a power outage?

Unless you are moving home to a different distribution area, changing electricity providers or essentially energy retailers will still keep your energy distributor unchanged.

You will be still calling you local energy distributor in case of any faults or emergencies.

Your local energy distributor they continue to remain responsible for any maintenance or repair works of the electricity lines and gas pipes and they will also continue to read your meter.