Are high energy bills giving you a shock?

Compare and save with market-leading offers from our panel of electricity and gas suppliers in VIC, QLD, NSW & SA.

Whether you are a large commercial organization, Small to Medium Business (SMB/SME) or residential customer, the prospect of saving money on your bills never goes out of fashion.

With hundreds of products and offers available from a wide variety of electricity and gas suppliers across VIC (VIC), South Australia (SA), New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD).

each with a different pricing model and rates finding an offer that is suitable for you can be very challenging. Unfortunately, once you have done this, it’s not a set-and-forget model as energy prices are variable and change every year.

Save on Utilities every year, without any cost to you…

Australian Utilities and our team of energy experts are committed to help in finding you an energy offer suited to you from our panel of energy retailers. We help you to stay on top of things by doing all the heavy lifting for you. Our team does this by analyzing and understanding your existing energy requirements, doing a market-scan with our partner energy retailers across Australia to obtain winning electricity rates and gas prices.

We do the hard work of comparing these offers and make a recommendation that would suit you based on your current requirements and preferences that you have. Once you are ready to go ahead with our recommendation, we ensure that you have a smooth transition to your new energy supplier.

Our service comes at no additional cost to you, and your best interest is our highest priority. Send us a copy of your invoices for us to compare and offer you a written quote for your utilities, whether you are in VIC, NSW, QLD or SA.

Bundle and Save!

Energy retailers would usually offer a better deal on a bundled offer on electricity and gas. So why pay more on your energy bills, when you could actually be saving all that money and use it on things you really need? This is why you need our Australian-based energy experts familiar with your needs to check for the best electricity rates and gas prices for you.

A quick overview of our approach to get you the best deal

  • Understand your energy requirements 
  • Find An Energy Plan To Suit Your Needs
  • Get Deals From Australia’s Market Leading Offers
  • We recommend an Energy Plan To Fit Your Usage Profile
  • 100% Free Service
  • Quick And Hassle-Free
  • No Need To Call And Cancel With Your Current Provider. We Get Your New Energy Provider To Take The Bullet For You.
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Prefer getting a written quote?

We can provide you with a written quote by doing a comparison of your Energy bills against our recommended offer to show you how much you can save. It’s simple; just upload a recent copy of your energy bill and let us do the hard-work for you.

Still unsure, don’t worry – there is hope.

Various surveys done across Australian states show that a majority of population thinks “they are paying too much on their Energy bills”. Don’t you? Many also feel Energy offers and prices too complicated. We get it. It can be confusing. Our expert team can call you to discuss offers and recommend you a plan that suits your needs.