Moving Home

  • Inform your retailer a few days prior about your intentions of moving.
  • Update your retailer of your new address so that they can mail your final bill to you.
  • Ideally set-up email billing so that you receive your bills irrespective where you are and also to avoid missing on any Pay on time discounts.
  • Same day connection may not always be possible and also can be a costly affair. So plan ahead.
  • Make note of your meter readings on the day of your move—to validate them against your final bill.
  • Also Make note of your meter readings on the day of your move to your new place—to validate them against your first bill for your new address.
  • Negotiate with your new retailer for a Sign-up Credit or ask if they can waive off Connection fees.
  • Do not forget to Update your Energy retailer if your new premises needs Life Support or someone at your residence has a medical condition and relies on a continuous supply of electricity to run critical medical equipment such as an oxygen concentrator, a kidney dialysis machine or a ventilator.

Most important
— Don’t forget to organize a disconnection for your Electricity and Gas on the day / day after you are moving, otherwise you may be liable to pay for the Usage and Daily rates for electricity and gas after you have left.

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