How to Switch

At the onset, switching might sound hard and complicated but it’s really not. And it can save your business hundreds or even thousands of $$$

Why go through the hassle of switch energy providers ?

Depending on your state, there are multiple providers and between them, there are hundreds of offers that you can choose from. Our business goes through various plans and clears the clutter for you – ultimately, suggesting from our panel of energy retailers an offer that suits your requirements and still giving you the best value based on your needs. As a benefit to you, our energy experts provide you with an Annual Health Check of your Electricity and Gas plans at no extra cost to your business.

How does a customer switch to the Australian Utilities recommended offer ?

Our expert team at Australian Utilities (AU) organizes the sign-up, either via phone or a signed form and will liaise with your new selected Energy retailer to set up your account.

Do I need to let my current energy company know we are moving to a new provider ?

Not required, the new energy provider that you have selected will do what is necessary to let your current retailer know about your decision to switch. This will save you the time and the awkwardness.

Does my energy supply get turned off when I switch to the new retailer ?

No. The switch is done seamlessly in the background. Your Electricity or Gas supply will remain uninterrupted when the switch happens to your new energy retailer.

Are there any costs involved when I switch, or will I need to install a new meter etc. ?

There are no costs involved when you switch. In fact, you will save money, when you switch. Energy retailers use your existing distribution set-up /network that does not require any physical changes to the wires, meters, connection to the electric poles etc.

Key Questions/ Important points to consider when switching :

➢ Get a written quote that comparing your current bill and rates with the new offer – this will help answer:

  1. Is the new offer is really better?
  2. And if yes, how much will you save?

➢ Is there a discount if I pay my bills on time?
➢ What are the rates before and after any applicable discounts?
➢ Does the new offer or plan come with any Exit fees or Early Termination Fees?
➢ Is there a fixed term contract?
➢ What are the payment methods that can be used to pay your bills?