Compare Business Energy Rates

What are my rights as a small energy customer?

An energy retailer must:

  • Offer you 10 business days cooling off period
  • Provide you a written summary of the plan or offer which includes details about the applicable discount, rates, termination fees, if any when you sign up
  • Give you notice in advance if there are any changes to a plan, including the price
  • Provide you bills periodically

What are the Standard items on every energy bill?

Energy retail companies have different bill layouts and designs etc. Listed below are some Standard items that should appear on every energy Invoice/ bill :

  • (Customer) Account number with the Energy Retailer
  • Invoice Number
  • Energy Retailers Contact details – including ABN, email and website address
  • Your Local Energy Distributors Contact details in case of any Faults or Emergencies
  • Supply Address for the current invoice.
  • NMI ( National Meter Identifier) is a unique 10 or 11 digit number used to identify every electricity network connection point in Australia
  • Billing period that you are being charged for
  • Whether the bill is based on Actual or Estimated reads
  • Clearly lists your energy usage charges
  • Payment due date
  • If you are on a Pay on time Discount Plan – clearing stating the amount if you paid before / after your due date.
  • Total charges both including and excluding GST
  • Payment methods available
  • Graph showing your energy usage over the last 12 months (where available)

Energy Saving Tips:

See below some simple and helpful tips for your Business to reduce your consumption and save money on your energy bills.

  • Switch-off lights and equipments including laptop, computers, Printers etc,- at the end of the day .
  • Buy or switch to machines and appliances that have a High Energy Rating
  • Laptops consume far less energy compared to the traditional desktop computers.
  • Automatic Dimmers and Motion sensored lighting also works great for office, warehouses, retail stores etc. removing the headache of remembering to switch off lights
  • Make the switch to CFL /LED lights.
  • Consider switching your current computer servers to a cloud-based system.
  • Seal any Gaps around Doors and windows to prevent loss or heating and cooling during cold and hot days and also save on your power bills.
  • Try and make use of Natural Sunlight where possible
  • Turn air conditioning off for during the last hour of the day