Why should you use comparison services for utilities?

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Comparison services are an essential part of the energy industry. Energy retailers present a multitude of deals and offers quite frequently. For consumers to become aware of their options and to be able to compare their electricity rates and other components that make up their bills is the need of the hour. Consumers should be empowered with the knowledge and information that assists them in making an informed decision.
This can only be achieved by providing transparency in energy and gas prices. Given the uncharted times we are presently living in, it is all the more imperative that we present consumers with information on energy deals that are available in the market for their selection and provide them with services to help them compare electricity rates.

At Australian Utilities, we are committed to playing our part in building a sustainable future for Australia.
Several energy retailers in the market offer green energy plans for individuals and businesses and we review those offers and bring the best one to you from our distinguished panel of energy retailers.
Customers provide us with their energy bills which also displays their usage data. We then compare their existing rates to the electricity rates from our panel of retailers and endeavour to provide with a better electricity and/or gas deal for them.

Our services are completely free to both business and home customers and there also is No obligation to go ahead with our recommended provider. Our offers are simplified, clear and straightforward.
We would recommend a new energy provider only if we think that the new deal offers better electricity rates compared to their existing retailer.

When you decide to take up our recommended offer, we will do all the work for you, which includes setting up the new account based on your billing preferences including monthly or quarterly bills, optional payment via direct debit, etc.
We allow a lot more customisation to help you simplify your account and reduce complexities as much as possible. Some examples are:
• Adding concession details
• Notify the retailers of any life support systems that need an uninterrupted power connection
• Consolidation of multiple accounts under a single bill
• Site-wise breakdown of bills (available for multi-site business customers)

Our new providers also liaise with your existing provider to let them know of your intention to cancel.

Our constant goal is to provide affordable energy solutions to individuals and businesses.
We understand that essential services are a fundamental infrastructure for running a business or home and hence we ensure that your transition to your new energy provider is seamless and hassle-free.
Contact us and let us review your energy bills. We’ll conduct a FREE energy comparison of your existing plan against our range of offers available and find you a better tariff.

We have successfully helped 8 out 10 Aussie businesses to find a better, cheaper and more efficient energy plan.

With our commitment-free service and no fees, we are only successful if you are.

Compare, Switch and Save with Australian Utilities.

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