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In this ongoing crisis of Covid-19, most businesses are looking at avenues to cut costs to be able to sustain during such times. After all, money saved is money earned, no matter how big or small the saving is!

As any business owner would know, electricity is one of the biggest costs and hence a challenge in the area of cost-cutting. Owners are too busy trying to run their business and may not find the time to shop around and compare business energy rates.

Most consumers are becoming quite savvy about tips and tricks on how to conserve electricity and save a little on their bills. However as effective as those tricks could be, given the soaring energy prices, sometimes it takes more than just simple tricks to save money. After all the needs and usage of electricity for business are very different from those of residential consumers. And so are energy rates.

While it is essential to know if you are on one of the best energy deals, finding a supplier with the most competitive business energy rates can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Furthermore, trying to compare energy rates across multiple retailers can take up a lot of precious work time away.

Given the busy times we live in, any resourceful and successful business owner would know that it would be best to get the job done by experts in the industry who know the ins and outs of comparing business electricity rates.

While our team at Australian Utilities is always up to date with the latest business electricity and gas prices, we also stay abreast with new deals and special offers that are often introduced by our panel of retailers. And nothing makes us prouder and happier than to know that we were successfully able to help businesses switch energy retailers to get better electricity/gas rates and save money on their bills.

How can Australian Utilities help to reduce this financial concern in the area of business electricity and gas?

Businesses provide us with their energy bills. We evaluate their electricity usage and then compare their rates against the energy rates from our panel of retailers. We believe that every business is different hence we ensure that we provide energy deals based on the needs and size of each business.

Our services are completely free for business and residential customers and they are under no obligation to go ahead with our recommended energy provider.

We understand that running a business efficiently means having uninterrupted energy supply and hence we ensure that your transition to your new energy provider is seamless and smooth with zero down-time from our end during the process.

You just need to take one simple step – Contact us. We’ll conduct a FREE energy comparison of your existing energy plan against a range of offers available and will aim to find you the lowest available tariff from our partner retailers.

We have successfully helped 8 out 10 Aussie businesses to find a better, cheaper and more efficient energy plan.

With our commitment-free service and no fees, we are only successful if you are.

Compare, Switch and Save with Australian Utilities.


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