Are you spending too much on your home energy bills?

Are you spending too much on your home energy bills?

Contact us to compare gas and electricity deals and enjoy huge savings every month.

Understanding energy bills can be complicated, with so many different suppliers/ retailers, various offers, some offer discounts, and others don’t!

Your usage rates, supply charges and other applicable costs are dependent on your network tariffs, meter type, distribution region etc., These costs are different for each retailer and will also determine how much you spend each month on your energy bills.

Pro-tip: If you receive a Pay on Time Discount (PoTD) or a Prompt Payment discount (PPD) it is recommended to set your payments via Direct Debit. Some Energy retailers may also reward you with an incentive when you set your bills on Direct Debit.

The easiest way to stay on top of your Energy spends is to regularly check for offers for your home and business energy accounts.  Most Australians end up paying more than they should, and feel like there is no way around these huge bills.

It’s also critical to be aware of changing rates and offers from your current energy provider. For example:  chosen an energy plan that offers certain discounts during your contract or benefit period, there is a high chance that the discounts may disappear at the end of your contract period. As a consumer, you do not have to give in to higher rates and extra charges. You always have the choice and the power to switch to a cheaper option. And this is why it helps to regularly compare home electricity prices in NSW every year, so that you are always powered by the best deal available in the market. It is not just about saving money, but also having that extra budget for the things that you actually prefer spending money on.

Pro-tip: Customers who don’t shop around frequently end up paying a ‘Loyalty Tax’

If you are looking for a sustainable solution to combat expensive electricity and gas bills, we can help. Our energy experts can help you find one of the best available deals across multiple energy suppliers, help you compare electricity price plans and offer you the best deal based on your energy needs.

Switching your energy providers is a lot easier than you think.

Your home energy accounts can be seamlessly transferred from your existing provider over to our new recommended retailer, without any disruption in your service. You don’t have to go through the awkward call or the hassle of cancelling your service with your existing provider, as we will get your new provider to take care of that. What’s more, this is a free service and we offer no obligation quotes, giving you complete freedom and power while also helping you save time and money.

Australian Utilities is 100% Australian owned, and operated. We have partnered with Australia’s leading energy retailers, helping you compare electricity rates across New South Wales (NSW).

Does saving hundreds of dollars every year sounds exciting? Contact us today for the easiest and quickest way to compare energy prices and get one of the best deals on your home energy rates.

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