Commercial and Industrial

Large business or Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers

We provide large businesses or Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers with customised quotes that are tailored to suit your business.

Usually, large business customers use 100 megawatt hours (Mwh) or more of electricity, or spend more than $30,000 per year.

Unlike Residential or SME customers large businesses are subject to a different set of legislation, have separate Energy market Rules, responsibilities and requirements.

While Residential Customers or SME customers may be subject to a Rate change or an Annual Rate adjustment, this may not be the case if we manage to secure you a contract as a Commercial & Industrial (C&I) business.

Depending on the state you are located, Large Commercial and Industrial (C&I) energy users are defined by the energy consumed each year:

New South Wales


Annual usage of more
than 100 MWh



Annual usage of more
than 100 MWh



Annual usage of more
than 160 MWh

South Australia


Annual usage of more
than 160 MWh

Other benefits of using Australian Utilities for your C&I quotes:

Dedicated Business Relationship Manager

Business Energy Review

Network Tariff Review

To get a C&I quote fill in your details, upload the most recent energy bill along with a
copy of your current energy contract.

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